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125 Years of AVON

125 Years of AVON

The “AVON Lady” and the “AVON Brochure” are iconic figures in American history. For over 125 years AVON Ladies have been sharing beauty products with people across the globe. Generations of women have grown up thumbing through their mom’s issue of the bimonthly AVON Brochure and looking forward to placing orders. AVON has successfully kept up and set trends by developing ground breaking products to keep up with the continually changing beauty industry. AVON spends millions of dollars every year on R&D to produce high quality cutting edge products that they offer at a reasonable price. While many cosmetics companies have come and gone over the years AVON has remained a leader in the industry by keeping AVON users happy.

The AVON Product line has expanded over the years to include a lot more than just perfume and makeup. You can now get fashionable clothing and of course jewelry, but AVON now has something for everyone in your household including dad, teens, and children. In fact AVON’s teen line is called .mark and offers trendy fashions and cosmetics that teen girls love. In 2010 AVON acquired the baby boutique Tiny Tillia which offers a full line of upscale mommy and baby products.

The AVON Lady has also evolved over the years adapting to new technologies and making it easier for their customers to order products via the internet. While many loyal AVON customers prefer a personal visit from the AVON Lady many have turned to ordering online. Customers can now view and order from the online digital AVON Brochure the very same day campaign begins. Gone are the days of waiting for your catalog to be delivered! When a customer places an order online they don’t have to wait two weeks for the campaign to end before they get their products because AVON ships the products directly to your home with days. If your order is $30 or more the shipping is FREE!

Even with all these changes AVON continues to provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business for as little as $10. You can now sign up to become an AVON Representative online in just minutes. The ten dollar investment has changed many lives for the better and the internet is full of successful AVON stories. AVON Representative sales figures are no longer limited by the population of your town because AVON allows all reps to sell as eReps online. As an eRep you can sell AVON to anyone in the United States using the website AVON provides for you.

There is no telling what the next 125 years will hold for AVON, but two things are certain. AVON will continue to produce high quality products and change lives for the better with the AVON Business Opportunity.